Aldon Smith responds to lawsuit over 2012 shooting
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San Francisco 49ers All-Pro linebacker Aldon Smith is now defending himself against a civil suit following a shoot-out during a party at his home last summer.

Smith's attorney, Matthew Conant, on Tuesday filed an answer to a Sept. 3 lawsuit accusing the football star and a former teammate of firing illegal weapons, brandishing handguns, hosting a party where two people were shot and allowing gang members to attend the event.

[DOWNLOAD: Response Filed by Smith's Attorney]

Smith's defense claims in the legal filing, plaintiff Ronndale Esporlas -- one of the shooting victims -- knew the dangers and risks he was taking when he attended the party at the star player's 8,000-square-foot home on June 29, 2012.

Conant also wrote injuries and damages were caused by persons other than Smith.