Aldon Smith named in lawsuit over shooting at 2012 house party
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San Francisco 49ers All-Pro linebacker Aldon Smith and his former teammate are named in a lawsuit filed Tuesday by a man who was shot at a party the NFL star hosted last year.

Ronndale Esporlas filed the lawsuit in Santa Clara County. The lawsuit claims Smith and former 49ers Tight End Delanie Walker repeatedly and illegally fired weapons on numerous occasions during the June 2012 party.

[DOWNLOAD: Copy of the Lawsuit Filed in Santa Clara Court]

Smith and his friends also charged $10 per person to enter the party, according to one of the victims.

Smith was stabbed at the party held in the East San Jose foothills.

The lawsuit also claims Smith and Walker consumed significant quantities of alcohol and were legally intoxicated. It also said the players knew the handguns were illegally possessed.