49ers stadium costs top $1 million per day
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Joe Montana's autographs, Jim Harbaugh's red carpet.

And enough steel and concrete -- $100 million worth, in fact -- to build the second-most expensive football stadium in history.

The expenses required to build the San Francisco 49ers' new $1.2 billion football palace in Santa Clara are racking up quickly, according to the San Jose Mercury News.

To date, more than $368 million in spending is accounted for, the newspaper reported -- or about $1 million for every day of construction.

The stadium's utility budget alone has topped $62 million, with a $25 million electrical system that includes amenities such as a cell-phone charging system.

The stadium is on time and on budget, team and construction officials stress, and should open before the beginning of the 2014 season.

On top of the construction costs, about $127 million has been spent on things you "can't see," as the newspaper put it: dinners, parties, and other perks.