49ers' Kaepernick hurls 87-mph ceremonial first pitch for Giants
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Colin Kaepernick was the Chicago Cubs' 43rd-round draft pick in 2009, but he turned down his shot at professional baseball to play football at the University of Nevada. It turned out to be a great career decision, and it still led to Kaepernick standing atop an major league mound.

The 49ers quarterback threw out the ceremonial first pitch before the Giants game Friday night, hurling an 87-mph to closer Sergio Romo.

Kaepernick took a handful of warmups in the Giants batting cage, and Romo's reaction indicated that the pitch was a legitimate 87 miles per hour. Earlier this month, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, who played minor league baseball until 2011, threw out the first pitch for the Mariners. The Safeco Field speed gun announced a speed of 98 miles per hour after his pitch, but Mariners announcers indicated it really crossed the plate at 75 mph.

As a senior at Turlock's Pitman High School, Kaepernick boasted a 9-2 record and 1.27 ERA with 97 strikeouts in 83 innings pitched. He turned down several baseball scholarships to play football.

Kaepernick, 25, took over for Alex Smith as the 49ers starting quarterback in his second NFL season last year, leading the team to Super Bowl XLVII before falling 34-31 to the Baltimore Ravens.

It should also be noted that Romo's dexterous back-handed catch potentially saved the nearby cameraman from an undesirable hit by pitch.