49ers chasing Jordan and the Bulls
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Most people talk about the 49ers' successful Quest for Six putting them in a tie with the Steelers for most Super Bowl Championships with six, an elite club in itself.

However, there's another club they could join, another two-team club. If San Francisco's Coach Harbaugh can bring home title six, it will, of course, put the 49ers at 6-0 in the Super Bowl. So... what other team in the four major American professional sports has such a lofty championship record without a loss?

MJ and the Bulls.

Only six teams in the four major American professional sports have even managed to play in multiple championship games or series without a loss (see chart).

Besides the 49ers and Bulls, it’s not exactly a list of the dynasty teams that first come to mind. That may not be fair to the Spurs, but for a number of reasons, they don’t seem to ever be given status as a “dynasty”. Teams that come to mind as dynasties, like the Yankees, get so many shots at the title that at some point they lose at least one and fall off this list. There are eight teams that have only played one time and won, notable on that list…the Ravens.

If the 49ers taste success Sunday, it will have taken a Joe, Steve and Colin to be like one Mike, but it will be yet another feather in the cap of this area and this franchise.

Perfect in Championship Game or Series (Source: @dfeldy)


Bulls 6 for 6
Spurs 4 for 4
Royals* 1 for 1
*Now the Kings  
Super Bowl  
49ers 5 for 5
Ravens 1 for 1
Jets 1 for 1
Buccaneers 1 for 1
Saints 1 for 1
Marlins 2 for 2
Blue Jays 2 for 2
Angels 1 for 1
D'Backs 1 for 1
Stanley Cup  
Avalanche 2 for 2
Lightning 1 for 1